Ultreïa Magazine features Timbuktu’s Fondo Kati, illustrated with three of my photographs

The July –September issue of Ultreïa magazine includes a beautiful article on Timbuktu’s ancient manuscript library, the Fondo Kati.  The owners of the library trace their descent from a fifteenth-century scholar from Spain and the Songhay Emperors of Mali.  This is also the family I lived with during my year in Timbuktu.

I’m so pleased to see the head of the family, Ismaël Diadié Haïdara, featured in the article.  He tells the story of the family’s manuscripts and of his recent exile.

Three of my photographs from 2007 accompany the piece.

Quentin, Florence. “D’Al-Andalous a Tombouctou: Le Fabuleux Voyage Des Manuscrits De Tombouctou.” Ultreia, July – September 2017, pp. 35–50. Print.

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