The books have arrived!

All the books have finally arrived!

Check-out the East or West page on the Kyoudai Press website to learn more and get a peak inside the cover:

I want to thank all of my crowd-funding backers again for their support as I published the book. My work as a photographer and a publisher is often solitary, but as I prepare each reward package, I’m reminded that, in the end, it’s a collaborative effort.

Just like a pilgrimage, I may have started the journey on my own, but by the end I’m surrounded by friends.

If you want to purchase copies of the book, it is available through:

The Kyoudai Press:

Direct Link to the book’s page:


The Photo Eye Bookstore:

Direct Link to the book’s page:

All the best,

Alexandra Huddleston

PS –

My last book on Timbuktu’s tradition of Islamic scholarship can also be found on the following sites. None of my books are currently available on Amazon.

Kyoudai Press:

Photo Eye:

Page spread from "East or West"

Page spread from “East or West”

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