Successfully Funded!

With the help of all of our backers, the “East or West” Kickstarter was successfully funded today!

Thank you!

The book’s publication now moves forward. The proofing is finished, and all is set for the printing in early August.

You can tell those who missed the Kickstarter that they can pre-order copies of the book on the Kyoudai Press Bookstore:

However, the Kickstarter rewards, special editions, and special pricing will no longer be available.

One of the most important traditions of the Shikoku pilgrimage is that of giving and receiving osettai. Residents of Shikoku give gifts of food, tea, charms, and sometimes lodging and money to pilgrims. As representatives of the saint Kōbō Daishi, pilgrims are not supposed to refuse these gifts.

Before my pilgrimage, as a veteran traveler I had become used to strangers approaching me when they wanted something from me: to ask for money, to be my guide, to sell me souvenirs…It was a shock and an adjustment on Shikoku to be approached with gifts.

The experience fundamentally changed my outlook on the potential in human relationships. I might even say that it allowed me to accept the responsibility and humility of crowd-funding: both as a backer of other projects and as a recipient of the amazing generosity of friends and strangers.

Thank you all for your support, your osettai.

I am working hard to make a beautiful book.



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