A little bit more about re-enchantment

My two walking pilgrimages have been, both a way to re-enchantment my life as well as a way through which to understand both the processes of enchantment and disenchantment. Elsewhere, I have written that I aim to create art that seeks to re-enchant the world, but not at the cost of naïveté, delusion, hypocrisy, or irrationalism. As such, for me the convenience store pit-stops and suburban sprawl are as important to an enchanted pilgrimage as the beautiful views and hill-top temples.

Landy and Saler put it slightly differently in the collection of essays, The Re-enchantment of the World: Secular Magic in a Rational Age:

“The point, however, is that these are not the only two options. There remains a third type of enchantment, unjustly overlooked, which is the modern enchantment par excellence: one which simultaneously enchants and disenchants, which delights but does not delude.” (p3 from the introduction “The Varieties of Modern Enchantment” by Joshua Landy and Michael Saler)

Citation: Landy, Joshua, and Michael T. Saler. The Re-enchantment of the World: Secular Magic in a Rational Age. Stanford, CA: Stanford UP, 2009. Print.

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