Great news: the books look awesome!

My advance copies arrived last week, and I am pleased to say that the books look great!  Of course, this is the fond creator speaking, but I hope you’ll agree.

You can now order books through PayPal on this website through my BOOKSTORE.

Below is a selection of scans so that you can get a sense of what the book looks like…a promo video is also in the works…

That’s all for now, more coming soon, and all you Kickstarter supporters: thank you again for helping to make this book a reality!


333 Saints: A Life of Scholarship in Timbuktu­a photographic book in English and French by Fulbright Scholar Alexandra Huddleston–tells a story of discovery: exploring a rich and beautiful African intellectual culture.  The book takes the reader to a city that built its identity around a culture of scholarship and a love of books and learning.

Timbuktu, at the edge of the vast Sahara Desert, was little known in the West–except as a byword for the remote and exotic–until militant Islamist groups destroyed many of its religious shrines and ancient manuscripts in 2012.  This hauntingly beautiful book captures a way of life and learning as it was shortly before the Islamists overran the city.   These photographs depict a moment in time now almost gone, fading into history.  They show a culture of moderate Islam that is under threat: a deeply rooted, ancient Islamic tradition of tolerance, erudition, and faith.


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