Lost Things Thank You List

The 50 “Lost Things” books have been made and shipped out to their new homes.

This project would never have happened without the generosity of all of our Kickstarter supporters.

Listed below are many of them.

As you have a chance, do check out their websites.  This is an illustrious and talented group of people, and we are incredibly honored that they believed in our work.

Saba Alene (www.StgeorgeofEthiopia.com)

Niro Anandasabapathy

Nikkol Brothers (www.visionsphotolab.com)

Ali Bujnowski

Stephanie Diakité (www.dintlafrica.com)


Tom and Holly Eakes

Stephen L. Esquith, (http://rcah.msu.edu)

Felix & Macrina

Maribeth Gainard

Ahu Gemici (http://www.econ.nyu.edu/user/gemici/)

Anthony Hamboussi (http://anthonyhamboussi.com/)

Carol Richert Hart

Mary Hawkins (Maryhawkins.com)

J. Roderick and Kay Heller

Hoodie (www.digitalhoodie.com)

Michele A. Huddleston

Vicki Huddleston

Helen Huntley

Laura Julier

David Laidler (worksartists.com)

Carolyn Loeb

Nion McEvoy

Teresa Neptune (www.TeresaNeptune.com)

Pepe – Spanish pilgrim

Wendy Sacks (www.wendysacksphotography.com)

Derek Shendell

Brian Stillman (astoundingartifacts.blogspot.com)

TinkaTinka (http://www.tinkatinka.com)

Robert von Hallberg

John Webb


Thank You!

Robert Huddleston and Alexandra Huddleston

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