“ Lost Things” Project Description:

“Lost Things” is a beautiful little artists’ book that intends to break the heart of its reader in 5 photographs and 3 poems, you can finish it over breakfast, but chances are you’ll keep returning to it again and again.  The work bears the weight of compulsive rereading and opens new discoveries every time you come back to it.

Robert Huddleston – the poet – and Alexandra Huddleston – the photographer – are brother and sister.  We’ve grown up discussing our ideas about art, literature, philosophy, and life with each other, but this artists’ book is our first real collaboration.  We’ve been working on and refining this little book (and figuring out the ins and outs of our publishing options!) for over a year.  In the end, we decided that a self-published, self-printed limited edition of 50 would best reflect the work’s intimate form and message while at the same time providing the highest quality of photographic printing.  We hope you agree.

The 2 minute video that introduced this project should give you a good sense of the book, but here are the specs:

Title:  Lost Things

Photographs:  5 (including the cover)

Poems:  3

Imprint:  Kyoudai Press

Medium:  Archival Ink-Jet Printing; Saddle Stich

Colors:  1 page of full color; rest printed as Advanced Black and White

Size:  6.5” by 8.5” / 20 pages + cover

Paper:  Red River; 60lb Polar Matte 2 Sided

Number of copies:  50 + 2 artists’ proofs

(Full disclosure: a small number of gift and trial versions have been previously printed and gifted.

However, we do not intend to publish any more versions of this book after completing this commercial edition.)

Year printed:  2012

Each book will be dated, numbered, and signed by both Alexandra and Robert.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Robert Huddleston and Alexandra Huddleston

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