A welcome message:

Welcome to the Kyoudai Press Blog.  Here we will introduce you to our ideas, our work, and, most importantly, our latest publications.

The Kyoudai Press is a small imprint run by the brother and sister team of Robert Huddleston and Alexandra Huddleston.  Their publications combine their visual and literary talents to create beautiful, original, groundbreaking printed matter.

In Japanese, Kyoudai means siblings.  We’ve chosen a name that describes us, as the founders, but that is also imbued with our ethic of collaboration: collaboration among people, but also collaboration across art forms and genres.

Robert Huddleston is an accomplished poet and essayist as well as an experienced editor.  Alexandra Huddleston is a revolutionary photographer.  She brings a practiced eye for the visual to our content, design, and production.  Together we aim to create work that breaks new ground in merging text and image.

Our first publication is a small artists’ book called “Lost Things.”  It’s a short but beautifully evocative work combining photographs and poems.

One of the goals of this blog is to engage you in our publishing process.  We hope you enjoy the journey and join in by purchasing our work!


Robert Huddleston and Alexandra Huddleston

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