Alexandra Huddleston’ New Portfolio Website

I’ve just redesigned my portfolio website.

Check it out here:

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I’m speaking at the Library of Congress next Tuesday (March 18) in DC.  Come by if you’re in town!

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The Kyoudai Press has a new website!

The Kyoudai Press has a new website!!

Check it out at: 

From now on please visit the new main site for our:

Press and testimonials page


Contact Information

This blog will remain active and will remain where all the latest news about our projects lands first.


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Great Review for ’333 Saints’ on EZine

A big Thank You to Frank T. Kryza for writing a great review of my 333 Saints: A Life of Scholarship in Timbuktu.

Frank is the author of The Race for Timbuktu.

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Talking about ’333 Saints’

Since 333 Saints came out, I’ve had some wonderful opportunities to talk about the issues that the book brings up like: ancient scholarship in the modern world, Islam in West Africa, Mali’s current political upheaval, and self-publishing and crowd-funding.  I’ve been to:

9/25/13            Council on International Relations, Santa Fe, NM

10/13/13          St. Peter’s Church, Glenside, PA

10/15/13          World Affairs Council, Washington DC

10/29/13          University of North Carolina Global Education Center, Chapel Hill, NC

Thank you to all of the above for organizing such dynamic and thought-provoking events!

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Book Review in the ‘Washington Diplomat’!

The title is embarrassing, but Larry Luxner wrote a very nice book review for 333 Saints in the Washington Diplomat.  In particular, the article discusses some of the cultural and security issues that were present during my time in Timbuktu.

Luxner, Larry. “Risk-Taking Photographer Documents Timbuktu’s Endangered Islamic Culture.” Washington Diplomat. N.p., 3 Nov. 2013. Web.

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A Great Feature on ‘333 Saints’ on the Photo Eye Blog

Photo Eye has featured the book in a blog post that includes a mini-review, a book-tease, and an article by me on the process on self-publishing:

So, two weeks ago 500 books arrived from Iceland, and now over 200 are out in the world.  That’s a good feeling!!


This is what 500 of my books look like

This is what 500 of my books look like

September 30, 2013; 333 Saints Production; shots the arrival of the books

The books arrive in Santa Fe

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The books have arrived!

Waiting was really hard!!

Check out the preview video:

And tell your friends that they can order books at our online BOOKSTORE.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this book come alive!


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Great news: the books look awesome!

My advance copies arrived last week, and I am pleased to say that the books look great!  Of course, this is the fond creator speaking, but I hope you’ll agree.

You can now order books through PayPal on this website through my BOOKSTORE.

Below is a selection of scans so that you can get a sense of what the book looks like…a promo video is also in the works…

That’s all for now, more coming soon, and all you Kickstarter supporters: thank you again for helping to make this book a reality!


333 Saints: A Life of Scholarship in Timbuktu­a photographic book in English and French by Fulbright Scholar Alexandra Huddleston–tells a story of discovery: exploring a rich and beautiful African intellectual culture.  The book takes the reader to a city that built its identity around a culture of scholarship and a love of books and learning.

Timbuktu, at the edge of the vast Sahara Desert, was little known in the West–except as a byword for the remote and exotic–until militant Islamist groups destroyed many of its religious shrines and ancient manuscripts in 2012.  This hauntingly beautiful book captures a way of life and learning as it was shortly before the Islamists overran the city.   These photographs depict a moment in time now almost gone, fading into history.  They show a culture of moderate Islam that is under threat: a deeply rooted, ancient Islamic tradition of tolerance, erudition, and faith.


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So, what does ‘being on press’ really mean?

I’ve just returned from Iceland where I was on press for the printing of 333 Saints!

The books are now being bound, and it looks like we’re on schedule for a release date in late September.

Since I was in college, it has been a goal of mine to be on press for the printing of a book of my photographs.  However, despite the various explanations people gave me, I really didn’t have a clear idea about what was actually involved ‘on press.’

So, what does ‘being on press’ mean?

It means that I was at the printing plant the day they printed the pages for the book.

Each sheet of paper contained 12 pages.  After the technician got the sheet very close to what my proofs looked like, I would be called in to look things over and make the final adjustments necessary to get the photographs looking just right.  Once I was satisfied with a sheet, I would sign it, and then they would print out the 500 copies needed for the books (which generally took about 45 minutes to an hour).  We repeated this process all day until all the book’s pages were done.

On average, I needed each sheet to be proofed twice before I was satisfied.  Most of the changes I made were slight adjustments in the color or the density of the black.

I’m now waiting for my advance copy to see how everything actually looks as a book!  It looks like the advance copies should arrive in early September.

I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas!


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